Needs Maintainance Cover

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Needs Maintainance Cover

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
Tooltip textAttach to Multiblock Controller Emits Redstone Signal if needs Maintainance

The Needs Maintainance [sic] Cover is a cover added by GregTech 5 Unofficial. It is used to emit Redstone signals when a number of maintenance issues arise.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Total: 14400 EU
Usage: 24 EU/t
Voltage: 24 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 30 secs

Usage[edit | edit source]

Place the Needs Maintainance Cover on any Control Block of a Multiblock that needs maintenance. By clicking on the cover with a screwdriver the number of maintenance issues needed to emit a redstone signal must be changed.

Tip[edit | edit source]

Since most multiblock controllers have no free side to place redstone logic next to them, it is recommended to use a Redstone Transmitter attached to Input/Output Hatches/Buses.