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Notes on a Stronghold

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Notes on a Stronghold

ModTwilight Forest

Notes on a Stronghold is a Written Book added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is dropped from hostile monsters when killed in the Goblin Knight Stronghold.

The book's author is "A Forgotten Explorer".

Text[edit | edit source]

[[An explorer's notebook, written on faintly glowing paper]]

The tendrils of darkness surrounding this area are just a manifestation of a protective spell over the entire dark forest. The spell causes blindness, which is quite vexing. I have seen several interesting things in the area and would like to keep exploring.

[[Next entry]]

I have found ruins in the dark forest. They belong to a stronghold, of a type usually inhabited by knights. Rather than knights though, this stronghold is full of goblins. They wear knightly armor, but their behavior is most un-knightly.

[[Next entry]]

Deep in the ruins, I have found a pedestal. The pedestal seems to be of a type that knights would place trophies on to prove their strength.

Killing a powerful creature would seem to weaken the curse on the dark forest, and placing a trophy associated with the creature on the pedestal would likely grant access into the main part of the stronghold.

The only creature I have seen so far seen so far of sufficient power is the many-headed beast in the fire swamp. How vexing...