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Modicon obsidianpressureplates.png
Current developersMyrathi
Version3.0.0 (build 18)
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

ObsidiPlates is a mod created by Myrathi, providing Pressure Plates that can only be activated by either Players or NPCs, depending on what they're made of.

It was originally created as a surprise for Jadedcat. It implements, using original code, a concept she missed from Better Than Wolves, which is why the primary plates uses Obsidian, specifically.

All plates are a type of switch that can be placed onto the surface of a block. If connected, by redstone wiring, to an object (or placed adjacent to a block that can be powered), it will provide a Redstone signal to that object or block when stepped on by the specific entity for that plate and will stop when stepped off.

The mod also adds silent versions of the plates, which make no sound, and shrouded versions of the plates, which are translucent. There are versions of the plates which combine both of these features.

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