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Tooltip textRight click to place Cobblestone
Sneak right click on air to open Crafting Table

The Ofanix is a tool added by Ztones. It has many different uses. Right-clicking on a block with the tool in hand will place automatically generated Cobblestone; it is possible for the player to suffocate his/herself if placed correctly.

Shift-right-clicking in the Air (not on a block) will open a mobile Crafting Table.

Lastly, the Ofanix is used as a crafting tool for converting Ztones blocks to other versions of the Ztones blocks (such as Lair ⓪ to Lair ⑬). Using it shapelessly in a Crafting Table allows the player to have access to an infinite amount of Cobblestone; although in the current version (2.2.1) attempting to shift click that Cobblestone will crash the game.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Ofanix can be found rarely in dungeons.

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