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Offering Plate

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Offering Plate

ModRoots 2
TypeTransparent block

The Offering Plate is a block added by Roots 2. It is made from Runestone and Chiseled Runestone and used to give offerings to Fairies at a Fairy Pool. The Book of the Natural Arts states that offerings can be mundane crops (Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Beetroots, Apples), mystical herbs (Pereskia Blossoms, Pereskia Bulbs, Terra Moss, Aubergines, Aubergine Seeds, Moonglow Leaves, Wildroots, Spirit Herbs), and rare monster remains (Blaze Powder, Ender Pearls, and Spider Eyes). Monster remains are the most valuable. Overnight, the fairies will take the offering and give Fairy Dust in exchange, depending on the value and quantity of the offering, with a small chance of receiving a Fairy Charm. Sometimes, the offering is taken and nothing is returned.

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