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Current developersOpenMods Team
Latest version1.8.1
Latest Minecraft version1.12.2
Depends onOpenMods Lib
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
Tech World 2
Direwolf20 (1.6.4)

OpenBlocks is a mod by the OpenMods Team that adds various helpful and unique blocks and items. It requires the OpenMods Lib installed to run correctly. OpenBlocks adds modular liquid storage and innovative item transport solutions. It adds its own version of the Sponge, which works like the vanilla Sponge used to, except with the ability to clear all liquids rather than strictly water. It even adds a painting system, allowing recoloring of certain blocks. OpenBlocks also adds its own form of Liquid XP, and machines that can use it to automatically rename/repair, enchant, and bottle experience bottles.

OpenBlocks, like the other mods by the OpenMods Team, is open source, under the MIT license and the code is available on GitHub

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