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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

On this page, the changelog for the OpenBlocks mod can be found. It can also be found on the OpenMods Teams website. This page is almost a direct copy of the site, although it has been formatted for the wiki.

1.8[edit | edit source]

1.8.1[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: Fix pencil glasses recipe
  • Fix: Fix missing fluid textures
  • Fix: Fix block breaker duplicating some types of blocks

1.8[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: Glyphs (created with drawing table)
  • Feature: Machines now accept Thermal Foundation's Essence of Knowledge
  • Feature: Magnets now have configurable whitelists
  • Fix: Add tint to fluids in tanks (fixes TiC fluids)
  • Fix: Fix potential crash when rendering sprinkler outside of world
  • Fix: Fix skyblock drops
  • Fix: Fix off-hand usage of few items
  • Fix: Add missing recipe for big wooden button
  • Fix: Fix shower XP dupe
  • Fix: Fix blocks dropping when placed with magnet
  • Fix: Improvements to sky block rendering speed
  • Fix: Fix guide book recipe rendering
  • Tweak: Tanks can now be drained without sneaking
  • Tweak: Skyblocks are now disabled only when Optifine shaders are enabled

1.7[edit | edit source]

1.7.6[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed flickering leaves after snowman trophy is rendered
  • Fixed rare startup crash with FoamFix (incompatibility with threaded model baking)

1.7.5[edit | edit source]

  • Added wooden big button (works like vanilla)
  • Extended big button inventory size
  • Display size of stack contained in /dev/null/
  • Canvas blocks now mimic material and sounds
  • Fix item duplication with dropper
  • Fix draining fluids from tank with bucket
  • Fix translation names for entities
  • Fix incorrect spawn position of cartographer, magnet, golden eye
  • Fix luggage item search
  • Fix rendering of some custom models in /dev/null
  • Fix dummy contents of custom recipes
  • Fix block shapes (fence connectivity now works correctly)
  • Changed paintbrush model to fix flickering
  • Paintbrush tries to recolor block before replacing with canvas
  • Skyblocks rendering disabled by default when Optifine is detected
  • Sponge no longer updates liquid blocks (configurable)

1.7.4[edit | edit source]

  • Fix few crashes, including interaction with some client HUD mods
  • Fix deployed hang glider visibility
  • Lower sonic glasses default opacity
  • Limit block breaker and placer speed
  • Use proper tool in block breaker
  • Fix paint mixer tone slider
  • Sign JAR

1.7.3[edit | edit source]

  • Initial MC 1.12 release
  • any block can be configured as elevator
  • fix hanging after using block placer
  • change big metal bar recipe to prevent conflicts
  • fix crash with Optifine and imaginary blocks
  • fix tank column rendering glitch
  • removed restrictions from auto-anvil input slots

1.7.2[edit | edit source]

  • fixed crash on startup with certain mod
  • re-implemented rendering of few blocks as block models
  • random small fixes

1.6[edit | edit source]

1.6[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: improve bulding guide rendering performance
  • Feature: new behaviour of hang-gliders, based on real world
  • Feature: variometer (acoustic indication of vertical speed) for hang-glider (activated with V by default)
  • Feature: optional mode that places grave only when grave item is present in inventory
  • Feature: make Last Stand xp cost fully configurable
  • Feature: make trophy drop rate fully configurable, allow drops without looting sword
  • Feature: limit grave spawn height (excludes bedrock layer by default)
  • Feature: option for minimal tank balance threshold (for performance tuning)
  • Fix: Last Stand now properly uses value of damage after armor reductions
  • Fix: block placed with placer are now facing the same direction as placer
  • Fix: resize vacuum hopper hitbox
  • Fix: limit cursor range to 64 blocks
  • Fix: sprinkler item duplication
  • Fix: rare crash during tank rendering
  • Fix: luggage taking damage from weird sources
  • Fix: xp shower ignoring redstone state after game load
  • Fix: glitches when trying to sleep with deployed hang-glider
  • Fix: /dev/null item duplication
  • Tweak: cursor requires sneaking to select new block
  • Tweak: change height map projector model to include cone when map is present
  • Tweak: show page numbers on ToC page of infobook
  • Tweak: rotate builder guide dome template to allow more orientations

1.5[edit | edit source]

1.5.1[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: internal block tanks ignoring neighbour tanks
  • Fix: building guide not storing settings on drop
  • Fix: fix infobook crash on some ore dictionary recipes
  • Fix: XP shower breaking after block update

1.5[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: more flexible building guide
  • Feature: enhanced building guide (can place blocks in survival)
  • Feature: rotating elevator
  • Feature: implement modlist config GUI
  • Feature: epic eraser (to remove flim-flammed lore)
  • Feature: wrench-like thingie for rotating blocks
  • Fix: amount of sprinkler particles is now controlled by game settings
  • Fix: rope ladder drops items for each broken block
  • Fix: canon aiming now properly calculates height
  • Fix: /dev/null stack overflow
  • Fix: skyblock stacking
  • Fix: proper liquid xp registration
  • Fix: Turkish locale problems
  • Fix: block not checking redstone state after placing
  • Fix: flim-flammed lore is now places in separate tag, display configurable by config
  • Fix: break animation on tanks and rope ladders
  • Tweak: more OreDictionaly compatibility
  • Tweak: elevator no longer changes player X,Z coordinates after teleport (configurable)
  • Tweak: /dev/null now requires sneaking to open GUI
  • Tweak: add options for sprinkler consumption rate
  • Tweak: improved grave logging

1.4[edit | edit source]

1.4.4[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: crayon block destructible in adventure mode
  • Fix: vacuum hopper fluid bar not updating
  • Fix: bear traps keep entities trapped after game restart
  • Fix: canvas block breaking animation
  • Fix: luggages keep their enchantments when placed in world and broken again
  • Fix: luggages can now be named with name tags
  • Fix: trophies resetting item spawn timer when broken
  • Tweak: bear traps open when trapped entity is killed
  • Tweak: flim-flam now has blacklist/whitelist switch

1.4.3[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: proper API (available in Maven repo)
  • Feature: sleeping bag event
  • Feature: paintbrush can now dye vanilla blocks (like wool)
  • Feature: paintbrush can now be dyed in crafting inventory
  • Feature: paintbrushes from few other mods should now work with canvas blocks
  • Feature: add vanilla color selector to paint mixer
  • Fix: disable ticking of few TileEntities (should decrease lag when using canvas, imaginary, sky blocks, etc.)
  • Fix: change block breaker timing to prevent item duplicating

1.4.2[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: scaffolding (cheap blocks that decay after some time)
  • Feature: option to disable block and/or entity picking by magnet
  • Fix: magnet now tries to obey block placement/break restrictions
  • Fix: block breaker not pushing to BC pipes
  • Fix: better player data handling on Mini-Me
  • Tweak: elevator's XP drain is now off by default

1.4.1[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: tank NPE when breaking
  • Fix: fluid level not rendering properly in tank item
  • Fix: crash when updating huge surfaces made of skyblocks
  • Fix: rendering glitch caused by stacking /dev/null/
  • Fix: some methods in OpenPeripheral adapters for donation station and projector not working
  • Fix: should not crash when other mod registers liquid XP
  • Tweak: xp <-> fluid conversion rates are configurable
  • Tweak: changed misleading config option comment, added separate one to ignore number of blocks between elevators

1.4[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: few blocks (guide, paint mixer) now store settings when broken
  • Feature: graves now replay death cause when right clicked
  • Feature: named graves item will display name when placed
  • Feature: right clicking graves with shovel drops items without destroying grave
  • Feature: OpenPeripheral integration with guide
  • Feature: all trophies now visible in creative inventory
  • Feature: info book keyboard controls
  • Feature: info book table of contents for each chapter
  • Feature: grave spawn event
  • Fix: tank walls are now rendered as ISBRH (should improve performance)
  • Fix: no restrictions when placing blocks with /dev/null
  • Fix: info book crashing in some server configurations
  • Fix: graves won't spawn in protected region
  • Fix: auto anvil overwriting items in output slot
  • Fix: shower TE being recreated on every load
  • Fix: info book crash with ModularPowerSuits
  • Fix: info book crash on items without recipes
  • Fix: cannon not working with world ticks disabled
  • Fix: graves not spawning when played died in void
  • Fix: sprinkler droplet visual range
  • Fix: delay luggage renderer initialization to prevent render glitches
  • Tweak: config options for grave skeleton spawning
  • Tweak: building guide render extended (configurable)
  • Tweak: graves now available from creative inventory
  • Tweak: allow sleeping on tall glass and other non-suffocating blocks
  • Tweak: graves may spawn dirt block when created in air
  • Tweak: graves visible in creative inventory

1.3[edit | edit source]

1.3[edit | edit source]

  • Port to 1.7.10
  • Feature: gamerule for grave spawning
  • Feature: elevators are now colored in creative inventory
  • Feature: tanks in item form will now distribute liquid evenly between every item in stack when filled/drained
  • Feature: bear traps can now be opened by redstone
  • Feature: elevators are now basic blocks (so can be moved with pistons, etc)
  • Feature: graves contents are now backuped in separate location (can be later restored with /ob_inventory command
  • Feature: tanks filled with liquids are now visible in creative search
  • Fix: graves not spawning after explosions
  • Fix: more protection against luggage loss
  • Fix: fans now working with more redstone cables
  • Fix: added luggage to MineFactoryReloaded autospawner blacklist
  • Fix: spam in console when entity from spawn prevention blacklist is created
  • Fix: anvils ignoring event (custom enchantments, blocking, etc)
  • Fix: pick block action now works with elevator colors
  • Fix: sleeping bags sometimes dropping players through world
  • Fix: sleeping bags now print reason for aborting sleep (monsters, not night, etc)
  • Fix: target dropping normal arrows instead of TConstruct ones
  • Fix: builder now responses to redstone signal
  • Fix: option to disable info book
  • Fix: objects lifted with magnet missing collisions
  • Fix: elevator ignoring actual player height
  • Fix: last stand ignoring some types of damage from other mods
  • Fix: info book crashing when items are disabled on server, but not on client
  • Fix: invalid block break logic (should be now compatible with other mods)
  • Fix: missing drops from block breaker
  • Tweak: merged info book with changelog, removed changelog
  • Tweak: disabled OpenBlocks chest loot by default
  • Tweak: ladder is now normal blocks (removed animation, but should now render faster)
  • Tweak: graves cannot be broken by Ender Dragon or Wither
  • Removed: Radio

1.2[edit | edit source]

1.2.9[edit | edit source]

  • Fix: block breaker sometimes ignored restrictions
  • Fix: random crash in Pedometer
  • Fix: Golden Egg leaving floating blocks when broken
  • Fix: random crash when placing golden egg
  • Fix: crash when activating trophy sound
  • Fix: enchantments won't show in info book if disabled
  • Tweak: Limit rate of block updates and syncs on Tanks
  • Tweak: Mini Me now uses skin of player that placed egg
  • Tweak: Luggage GUI now show entity name
  • Tweak: Sponges can be now harvested with axe faster

1.2.8[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: /dev/null
  • Feature: blocks can now be rotated with most other mod tools
  • Feature: very simple pedometer
  • Feature: on_inventory command to store and restore players inventory
  • Feature: storing inventory on player's death (may be later restored with command)
  • Feature: using dye on Building Guide block now changes markers color
  • Feature: Building Guide now displays total number of marker blocks on change
  • Feature: Sponge-on-a-stick
  • Feature: Tanks are now comparator compatible
  • Feature: Tiny People
  • Fix: changed material of most blocks from dirt to stone (should be now easily breakable with pick)
  • Fix: Natura Clouds added to default cartographer blacklist
  • Fix: ComputerCraft 1.6 compatibility
  • Fix/Tweak: Trophy drops now enchantment sensitive, don’t drop from non-player kill
  • Fix: error while connecting to some radio servers
  • Fix: “Magnet too far” when trying to deactivate
  • Fix: ineffective Tank algorithm
  • Fix: yet another XP duplication bug
  • Fix: crash in Magic Crayon item with missing NBT
  • Fix: shuffle Flim Flam Enchantment breaking items with inventory GUI
  • Fix: changed some URL links to use load-balanced versions, URL auto-replace
  • Fix: random inventory render glitches
  • Tweak: Grave blast resistance, grave breaking when block below is destroyed

1.2.7[edit | edit source]

1.2.6[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: Fan strength is now controlled by redstone
  • Feature: Radio now accepts with URLs pointing to PLS and M3U files and understands HTTP redirections
  • Feature: actual Sky Block
  • Feature: Last Stand Enchantment
  • Feature: more tomfoolery!
  • Fix: Block Placers and breakers sometimes swapping/emptying inventories
  • Fix: crash when trying to display crayon in Thaumonomicon
  • Tweak: better guide shape generation

1.2.5[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: Almighty Book!
  • Feature: Radio!
  • Feature: middle clicking on Tank with any liquid gives item with full amount
  • Feature: proper Building Guide localization
  • Feature: other mods block breakers now pick all dropped items
  • Feature: Item Cannon Pointer no longer resets after single click
  • Feature: blacklist for blocks that should be ignored by Cartographer
  • Feature: disableMobs blacklist now accepts mod names too
  • Feature: way to specify special block rules for Elevator
  • Fix: target dropping arrow shot by infinity bow
  • Fix: squids spawning water in nether
  • Fix: Sprinkler animation sometimes halts
  • Fix: missing drops from Canvas
  • Fix: Trophy resetting type after breaking with any Block Breaker
  • Fix: invalid Sponge step sound
  • Fix: Item Cannon not able to target in certain directions
  • Fix: Luggage trying to pick item even with full inventory
  • Fix: Block Placer using whole stack instead of single item
  • Fix: Elevator not working when high level jump boost/other jump helpers are used
  • Fix: color formatting in Paint Mixer GUI
  • Fix: Trophy flickering when placed in creative
  • Fix: crash when using Cursor with no selected target
  • Tweak: Enderman Trophies now shoot Ender Pearls instead of teleporting directly

1.2.4[edit | edit source]

  • Feature: Graves now log location and item number, added config option debug.gravesDebug for fixing interactions with other mods
  • Tweak: Vacuum Hoppers now have slightly bigger item pickup change (enough to pick XP orb when fence is placed above)
  • Tweak: Vacuum Hoppers now suck XP even if no outputs are configured
  • Fix: Luggage despawning
  • Fix: missing Liquid XP localization
  • Fix: Multiple Graves spawning on death
  • Fix: Canvas crashing when clicking empty side

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