Operator: Vector Axis Raycast

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Operator: Vector Axis Raycast

Return typeVector
Max (optional)Number
Technical details
Registry nameoperatorVectorRaycastAxis

Operator: Vector Axis Raycast is a Vector Spell Piece added by Psi. It is used to get the axial vector (e.g., [0, 1, 0] when looking at the top side) of a block. It is primarily used as part of a
Vector Sum with
Vector Raycast to shoot a spell that affects an adjacent block to the one being looked at. It has a maximum range of 32 blocks. It is unlocked in the lesson "Blockworks."

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Position: Requires a vector. Defines the focal point from where the Ray extends.
  • Ray: Requires a vector. Defines which vector to extend the Ray from.
  • Max: Optional. Requires a number. Limits the range of the Ray.


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