Operator: Vector Subtract

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Operator: Vector Subtract

GroupVectors 101
Return typeVector
Vector AVector
Vector BVector
Vector C (optional)Vector
Technical details
Registry nameoperatorVectorSubtract

Operator: Vector Subtract is a Vector Spell Piece added by Psi. It is a vector that is the difference of at least two vectors added together. It can be expressed as \vec{v_{1}}-\vec{v_{2}}=\vec{v_{3}}, where \vec{v_{1}} is the minuend, \vec{v_{2}} is the subtrahend, and \vec{v_{3}} is the difference. The operation can be imagined as two arrows, with the resultant vector being the hypotenuse of the angle created from putting the two original vectors tail-to-tail, with the resulting vector head pointing towards \vec{v_{1}}. Having a vector pointing in the opposite direction is the same as vector addition. It is unlocked in the lesson "Vectors 101."

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Vector A: Requires a vector.
  • Vector B: Requires a vector.
  • Vector C: Optional. Requires a vector.

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