Operator: Vector Sum

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Operator: Vector Sum

GroupVectors 101
Return typeVector
Vector AVector
Vector BVector
Vector C (optional)Vector
Technical details
Registry nameoperatorVectorSum

Operator: Vector Sum is a Vector Spell Piece added by Psi. It is a vector that is the sum of at least two vectors added together. It can be expressed as , where and are two vector addends and is the summed vector. The operation can be imagined as two arrows, with the resultant vector being the hypotenuse of the angle created from putting a head of an arrow to the tail of the other. Having a vector pointing in the opposite direction is the same as vector subtraction.

A common use for this Operator is affecting a target block adjacent to a selected block by summing
Operator: Vector Axis Raycast and
Operator: Vector Raycast.

It is unlocked in the lesson "Vectors 101."

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Vector A: Requires a vector.
  • Vector B: Requires a vector.
  • Vector C: Optional. Requires a vector.

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