Opinium Core

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Opinium Core

ModExtra Utilities 2

The Opinium Core is a set of components added by Extra Utilities 2. There are 9 tiers and the last (Perfected) is used to create three powerful weapons: The Kikoku, the Compound Bow and the Fireaxe. These items can be enchanted up to double the enchantments normal maximum level by using an anvil. The item could disappear when teleporting.[clarify]

The total cost of a perfected Opinium Core is as follows:

-1024 Charcoal

-513 Iron Blocks (4617 Iron Ingots)

-256 Gold Blocks (2304 Gold Ingots)

-128 Diamond Blocks (1152 Diamonds)

-64 Emerald Blocks (576 Emeralds)

-32 Chorus Flowers

-16 Bottles O' Enchanting

-8 Elytra

-4 Nether Stars

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Extra Utilities 2"

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