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Esteemed Innovation adds a new ore configuration format for generating its Copper and Zinc ores. It is located in config/EsteemedInnovation/Ores.json.

The JSON is formatted in a single main object, whose keys are an ore material name, and whose values are arrays generators. The valid material names are Copper and Zinc.

Generator notation[edit | edit source]

The objects containing the actual configuration are called generators. There is no technical limit to how many different generator notations can exist for a single biome, dimension, or ore.

Properties[edit | edit source]

  • Dimension (int): The dimension to generate in.
  • Biome (String): The biome to generate in, using the format domain:path (registry names). A wildcard value, *, can be used to generate in any biome within the dimension specified.
  • MinY (int): The minimum Y level to generate the ore in.
  • MaxY (int): The maximum Y level to generate the ore in.
  • MaxVeinSize (int): The maximum number of blocks for each vein.
  • MaxVeinsPerChunk (int): The maximum number of veins to generate per chunk.
  • ReplaceableBlocks (Array<String>): An array of Strings that this generator can replace. The strings can be either Ore Dictionary entries, or actual blocks in the format domain:path:metadata, where the metadata value is completely optional and will default to a wildcard.

Example[edit | edit source]

The following example will generate at most 20 Copper ore veins in Oceans, between Y levels 0 and 80 only in the actual water of the biome.

  "Ores": {
    "Copper": [
        "Dimension": 0,
        "Biome": "minecraft:ocean",
        "MinY": 0,
        "MaxY": 80,
        "MaxVeinSize": 10,
        "MaxVeinsPerChunk": 20,
        "ReplaceableBlocks": [