Peat-fired Engine

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Peat-fired Engine

Mod Forestry

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Energy Production
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Output 1RF/T or 2 RF/T
Buffer 18,000 RF
Explosive No
Locks down? No

The Peat-fired Engine is an engine added by Forestry. It is a Buildcraft compatible engine, and can be used to power any machine requiring RF.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Age of Engineering[edit | edit source]

In the Age of Engineering modpack, the glass must be Stable Glass, produced by using the Calculator.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The peat-fired engine is fuelled with Peat or Bituminous Peat. Peat provides 10 RF per tick for 5000 ticks, and produces Ash at a rate of 0.66 ash per peat.

Bituminous Peat produces 20 RF per tick for 6000 ticks, and produces ash at a rate of 0.66 ash per peat.

Fuel can be pumped into the sides of the engine. Ash is removed from the top and bottom faces.