Penance of the Leadened Soul

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Penance of the Leadened Soul
ModBlood Magic

Penance of the Leadened Soul Ritual is a Ritual added by Blood Magic. The Ritual offers additional upgrade points for Living Armour for a price of a downgrade - a debuff, which will be active while wearing said armour.

Penance of the Leadened Soul requires 10,000 LP for activation with an Awakened Activation Crystal.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Ritual requires one Master Ritual Stone and 53 Ritual Stones - 16 Air, 15 Fire, 18 Earth, 2 Dusk and 2 left blank.

Penance of the Leadened Soul, fully built

The Dusk stones are to be placed under and next to the chest.

Operation[edit | edit source]

When correct items are placed in the chest and the frame, approaching the ritual will occasionally trigger lore text (will be expanded in future versions). When the practitioner kneels (crouches) on the Master Ritual Stone, if the Living Armour is worn and able to receive chosen downgrade, a lightning bolt shall strike the chest, consuming sacrificial offerings and granting the user their chosen downgrade.

Most downgrades have several levels (more on these on the Living Armour page).

Recipes for multilevel downgrades (except for Stormtrooper) are as follows:

Level 1 Iron Ingot Blank Slate
Level 2 Redstone Dust Redstone Dust Iron Ingot Blank Slate
Level 3 Gold Ingot Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Reinforced Slate
Level 4 Vine Rose Red (red dye) Golden Carrot Reinforced Slate
Level 5 Golden Apple Sapling (any) Sapling (any) Imbued Slate
Level 6 Block of Iron Redstone block Imbued Slate
Level 7 Block of Iron Glowstone (block) Gold Ingot Gold Ingot Demonic Slate
Level 8 Block of Gold Lapis Lazuli Block Diamond Demonic Slate
Level 9 Dragon's Breath Diamond Ethereal Slate
Level 10 Nether Star Diamond Diamond Ethereal Slate

Important to note that while downgrades capped at level 5 (Battle Hunger) will accept sacrifices of levels 6 through 10, there is no additional value in these - you are getting level 5 for an increased price.