Personal Shrinking Device

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Personal Shrinking Device

ModCompact Machines
Tooltip textUsed as ingame documentation and to enter Compact Machines.

The Personal Shrinking Device is an item added by Compact Machines. In addition to being an in-game source of documentation for the mod, it is also used to create the Miniaturization Field Projector required to build the rest of the component blocks and devices needed for building and automating the various sizes of rooms available, as well as entering the rooms after they are constructed.

To enter a Compact Machine, right click it holding the Personal Shrinking Device. Once inside, shift-right-click on one of the wall blocks to set the entry point. This is important, since there is no automatic update if the location chosen (or the default location) becomes obstructed, causing suffocation. Right click on any wall block with the Personal Shrinking Device to leave.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Compact Machines"

"name" = ""Navbox Compact Machines"" "state" = ""expanded""

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