Philosopher's Stone (ProjectE)

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This page is about the Philosopher's Stone added by ProjectE. For other uses, see Philosopher's Stone.
Philosopher's Stone


The Philosopher's Stone is both a tool and a crafting component added by ProjectE, based off the Philosopher's Stone added by Equivalent Exchange 2.

The fabled alchemical catalyst that allows the transmutation of base metals into gold, the Philosopher's Stone is arguably the foundation of ProjectE. There are three basic uses. Firstly, as a component in the construction of items like the Transmutation Table. Secondly, as a transmutation tool, for example turning iron into gold or vice versa. Finally, as a portable crafting table, capable of smelting items.

As the Philosopher's Stone is used in such a large number of recipes, the use of a recipe manager such as JEI or NEI is strongly recommended.

Currently in ProjectE version 1.4.0, holding the Philosopher's Stone or reloading the world may crash the game. It can be currently fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.

Recipes[edit | edit source]


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