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Current developersSatanicSanta
Current versionMC 1.9+: 3.0.9
MC 1.8: 2.0.4
MC 1.7: 1.1.4
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Mod IDchatping[note 1]

Ping! is a simple client-side mod created by SatanicSanta. This mod enables name highlighting similar to many IRC clients. When the user of the mod is mentioned in chat by their full name or configurable custom names (also known as being "pinged" or "highlighted"), a sound will be played on their client. There are currently 6 sounds to choose from, which can be changed in the config file: blop, gum, ping, pling, pop, and ting.

As of version 1.1.0, Ping! supports visual changes to chat messages as well. All configuration for this is done in the configuration file. It currently supports bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and color styling.

The mod began as an experiment with the Kotlin programming language, but was soon ported back to Java, due to the lack of Forgelin for Minecraft version earlier than 1.8. It was later rewritten in Scala.

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  1. Before 1.1.4 for MC 1.7, 2.0.4 for MC 1.8, and 3.0.6 for MC 1.9, the mod ID was ping.