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Planetoids is a map generator that creates random sized spheres made of different materials and makes them float in the air like planets.

Stone planetoids contain random resources like Coal, Diamond, Lava etc.

Glass planetoids contain water and leak it out of the bottom.

Leaf planetoids will have wood inside them. It is best to start on one of these as you can do nothing but make bridges to other planetoids if you spawn on one that consists of dirt.

Vastly increasing difficulty for newer players, Sunlight doesn't reach the lower planetoids so there will always be zombies, creepers, endermen e.t.c. on them unless you are on peaceful mode.

If you reach the edge, (unrendered section) you will encounter walls of Bedrock.

Modes[edit | edit source]

  • Open Sky Map
    • Open Sky generates a planetoids map with no floor. If you fall, you will fall into the void and die.
  • Water Map
    • Water has the same concept as Open Sky but there is 3 block deep water at the bottom. Below the water is a layer of Bedrock.
  • Lava Map
    • Same as the water map, only with lava instead of water at the bottom of the map

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