Plant Mega Pack

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Plant Mega Pack
Current developers10paktimbits
Latest version1.9.8
Latest Minecraft version1.9

Plant Mega Pack is a mod by 10paktimbits. It adds lots of plants which are used to make new foods, blocks, and items.

Overworld Plants[edit | edit source]

These plants spawn naturally in different biomes. They are mainly used for crafting dyes, but can sometimes be used for food or crafting hanging plants. Bamboo has many crafting uses, including poles, blocks, stairs, slabs, and doors. They may also be used to craft plant powders.

Flowers[edit | edit source]

Flowers will spawn throughout the world world. They are also mainly used in dyes, but can also be used in crafting hanging plants and plant powders.

Aquatic Plants[edit | edit source]

Aquatic plants grow in or near water, bringing more life and usefulness to streams and oceans.

Crops[edit | edit source]

Food[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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