Planter (MineFactory Reloaded)

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This page is about the Planter added by MineFactory Reloaded. For other uses, see Planter.

ModMineFactory Reloaded

The Planter is a block from MineFactory Reloaded. It can plant items, using Redstone Flux, Energy Units or Minecraft Joules. The Planter can simulate a player right-clicking the piece of land above it, with the item in its internal inventory. It can only plant saplings, seeds, potatoes, carrots, and some mod plants which it natively supports, or that provide support for the Planter. The land above has to be tilled dirt, unless the plants being used are saplings. It always faces upwards.

Typically, the Planter is used in conjunction with the Harvester to create a fully automatic farm. Ultimately, it can always plant multiple different items at once.

The Planter can be given MFR Machine Upgrades to increase the size of the plantable land.