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Plasma Arc Furnace

MódGregTech 5
Maximální amperáž2 EU-Ampéry

The Plasma Arc Furnace is a GregTech 5 machine used to recycle machines and components back into Ingots.



Stěžejní článek: Arc Furnace (GregTech 5)#Usage

The Plasma Arc Furnace is functionally the same as the Arc Furnace, however in stead of consuming fluid Oxygen, it consumes fluid Nitrogen Plasma. The Plasma Arc Furnace is significantly faster than the Arc Furnace, and consumes significantly less energy; no Plasma Arc Furnace recipe consumes more than 1 Amp at 32 EU-V. Fluid Nitrogen Plasma can be obtained via a Deuterium-Beryllium reaction in a Fusion Reactor.

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