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The GUI of the Polytool upgraded with Helium (He) to lift up smashed entities.

The Polytool is a multifunctional tool added by MineChem which can be used to mine ores and stones, like axes, shovels and swords. But the Polytool is upgradable with the elements of MineChem to gives the tool specific properties (see Usage).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

A right-click with the Polytool in the hand opens the GUI. The middle shows the upgraded elements in the Polytool. The properties of the tool are shown in the lower left corner. For example the attack damage against monsters and players or the mining speed. To upgrade the Polytool take an element in the slot in the upper left corner and the element appears in the middle. Now the tool has the specific property, which the upgraded element creates.

For example the player can add Helium (He) and the Polytool (shown in the picture) has the specific feature to lift up entities for a short time, if the player hits it with the Polytool.