Pressure Refinery

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Pressure Refinery

TypeSolid block
Storage32,000 Ember

The Pressure Refinery is a multiblock structure added by Embers. When placed, it forms a two-block tall multiblock structure, expanding upwards from where the refinery was placed. It is used to generate ember. The Pressure Refinery has an internal ember storage at 32,000 embers. It is superior to the Ember Activator as it has a base boost of 1.5x on all fuel inserted. However it requires Water to function.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Pressure Refinery is used to generate embers from Ember Crystals, Ember Shards and Water. To boot it, simply pump Ember Crystals or Ember Shards into the bottom block of the multistructure using Item Pipes and Item Extractors. Then pump Water into the bottom block using Fluid Pipes and Fluid Extractors from a Fluid Vessel. Note that you cannot manually insert the fuel or fluid. Once pumped, the Pressure Refinery's top block will give off a burst and glow with embers. A passive crackling sound can also be heard while it is containing ember. This ember can then be transported out by placing an Ember Emitter or Ember Ejector on the top block.

Production Multiplying[edit | edit source]

The Pressure Refinery has a Production Multiplier. This can be increased by changing the Conductor. The Conductor is the block beneath the Pressure Refinery, and the conductor is surrounded by either Fire or Lava.

Conductor Production Multiplier

Dawnstone Block,
Mithril Block or none

Block of Iron,

Lead Block or

Bronze Block

Nickel Block,

Tin Block or

Aluminum Block

Copper Block,

Silver Block,
Block of Gold or

Electrum Block

Ember Generation Values[edit | edit source]

1.5x[edit | edit source]
Fuel Ember Generated

Ember Shard
600 Ember

Ember Crystal
3,600 Ember
2.625x[edit | edit source]
Fuel Ember Generated

Ember Shard
1,050 Ember

Ember Crystal
6,300 Ember
2.85x[edit | edit source]
Fuel Ember Generated

Ember Shard
1,140 Ember

Ember Crystal
6,840 Ember
3x[edit | edit source]
Fuel Ember Generated

Ember Shard
1,200 Ember

Ember Crystal
7,200 Ember

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