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This page is about the block variant of the Progress Sensor from GregTech 6. For the cover, see Progress Sensor (Item).
Progress Sensor

ModGregTech 6
TypeTile entity

The Progress Sensor is a tile entity added by GregTech 6. It is used to measure the progress of an adjacent working machine.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Progress Sensor can be rotated horizontally with a Wrench. Using a Monkey Wrench, any of the five non-front sides can be set as the listening direction. Both tools show the helper grid, but respond to areas clicked on the very thin sensor itself.

The value indicated as the machine's progress varies according to the type of machine:

  • Crafting and processing machines: Machine's progress through its current recipe.
  • Fluid pipes: Amount of fluid transferred during the previous tick.
  • Item pipes: Amount of the pipe's bandwidth in use over the previous transfer interval.
  • Electrical cables and wires: Amount of amperage the cable or wire has transferred in the previous tick.
  • Insulated Redstone cables: Signal strength carried by the cable.
  • Battery boxes: Amount of energy stored in the battery box itself, not including contained batteries. (This amount reflects whether the battery box is charging or discharging any contained batteries.)
  • Drums and Fluid Barrels: The progress of the Fermentation recipe being performed by the drum or barrel after it has been sealed. If the drum or barrel has not been sealed, the progress is zero.
  • Item Barrels and Mass Storages: The number of items stored in the container.

Using a Screwdriver on the upper display section toggles between decimal and hexadecmial notation. Using the Screwdriver on the six buttons in the lower left increases or decreases the averaging period for readings. Using the Screwdriver on the lower right icon section rotates between sensor modes:

00000 Display raw amount
00000% Display percent of maximum. Emit scaled to 0-15
>0000 Emit 15 IF greater than set point
=0000 Emit 15 IF equal to set point
<0000 Emit 15 IF less than set point
☉0000 Emit 15 if NOT equal to set point
=100% Emit 15 IF maximum or overflow
<100% Emit 15 IF less than maximum

Many of these modes will cause the sensor block to become redstone powered under certain circumstances. While in any of the four compare to set point modes, the set point can be changed by clicking on the six buttons in the lower left with a useless item or empty hand, in the same way as the Screwdriver will change the averaging window.