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This page is about the cover variant from GregTech 6. For the block, see Progress Sensor (Block).
Progress Sensor

ModGregTech 6

The Progress Sensor is a machine cover added by GregTech 6. It emits a Redstone signal proportional to the progress of the machine it is installed on.

It emits a signal strength of 0 when the the machine has just begun a process or is inactive, a strength of 15 when the process is complete, or a signal between 1 and 14 that is scaled to the machine's progress amount. By using a Screwdriver on the cover, this scale can be inverted such that the signal strength is 15 when the machine is inactive or process has begun and 0 when it is ending. The signal may be changed to a Strong signal by using a Wire Cutter on the cover; a Strong signal will penetrate through a solid, full-cube block such as Stone adjacent to the cover, and energize any Redstone adjacent to it.

The value indicated as the machine's progress varies according to the type of machine:

  • Crafting and processing machines: Machine's progress through its current recipe.
  • Fluid pipes: Amount of fluid transferred during the previous tick scaled to the pipe's maximum fluid throughput.
  • Item pipes: Amount of the pipe's bandwidth in use over the previous transfer interval scaled to its maximum bandwidth.
  • Electrical cables and wires: Amount of amperage the cable or wire has transferred in the previous tick scaled to its maximum amperage.
  • Insulated Redstone cables: Signal strength carried by the cable, scaled to the vanilla signal strengths of 0-15.
  • Battery boxes: Amount of energy stored in the battery box itself, scaled to its maximum energy, not including contained batteries. (This amount reflects whether the battery box is charging or discharging any contained batteries.)
  • Drums and Fluid Barrels: The progress of the Fermentation recipe being performed by the drum or barrel after it has been sealed. If the drum or barrel has not been sealed, the progress is zero.
  • Item Barrels and Mass Storages: The number of items stored in the container, scaled to its maximum capacity.

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