Projectile Spell Bullet

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Projectile Spell Bullet


The Projectile Spell Bullet is an item added by Psi. It can store one spell in its memory and be loaded into a Casting Assistant Device (CAD) or a Psimetal tool or armor. When cast, this Bullet will shoot a projectile in a straight line until it comes in contact with a solid block or entity, at which point the spell will activate. Spells stored in it generally require a
Selector: Focal Point.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Once a spell has been programmed, it can overwrite the current spell it has with a new one when it is right-clicked on a Spell Programmer; if a small beep plays, then the spell has been successfully added to the Spell Bullet. The spell can also be changed if the player shift right-clicks on the Spell Programmer while wielding a CAD that currently has the Bullet selected.

Projectile Spell Bullets can be added to a CAD in a CAD Assembler by dragging them to empty sockets in a fully assembled CAD.

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