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Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Unpowered, pulls items and creatures to the impact location. When powered, will pull items and creatures towards the thrower. Very useful in combination with harvest-type effects.
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Altar Power required for brew 150
Altar Power required for ritual 210
Effect level 2
Brew component type Effect

Pull is a level 2 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It is obtained by putting a Slimeball in the brew before bottling.

This potion effect changes its functionality depending on whether the brew has a power modifier or not. With a power modifier present, affected entities will be pulled towards the thrower (regardless of dispersal method). Without a power modifier and with the Instant dispersal method, affected entities will be pulled towards the impact location of the potion. Without a power modifier, the Liquid dispersal method will have no effect, and Gas will simply prevent creatures from moving while they are stuck in the gas.

Affected entities will be given the Jump Boost II status effect to allow for them to be directed towards their target location easily.

This effect is not usable as a drinkable potion (i.e., no specified dispersal method), and will erroneously crash the client when drank (the item will appear in the player's inventory after re-loading the world, but using it will cause it to immediately vanish without effect).