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ModImmersive Petroleum
TypeMultiblock structure
RF use1,024 RF/t
RF storage16,000 RF

The Pumpjack is a 6x4x3 multiblock added by Immersive Petroleum. It is used to extract Crude Oil from Oil Reservoirs. These reservoirs can be located using a Core Sample Drill.

Once power is provided, the Pumpjack will only operate if a reservoir exists below it. If pipes are connected to either of the fluid outputs, the Pumpjack will output Crude Oil at a rate of 15 mB/tick. Multiple Pumpjacks in one chunk will increase the rate of extraction. If the oil reservoirs are emptied, up to 6 mB/tick of Crude Oil can be extracted from the drained reservoir using a single Pumpjack.

If line B:req_pipes config is true, Fluid Pipes must be connected to Bedrock starting from the one Steel Scaffolding that protrudes from the rectangular multiblock.

Properly built pumpjack

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Pumpjack requires:

After assembly, right-click on the Heavy Engineering Block on the second layer with the Engineer's Hammer.