Purifier (Extra Bees)

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This page is about the Purifier added by Extra Bees. For other uses, see Purifier.

ModExtra Bees
Max MJ input2000 MJ/t
MJ use100 MJ/t
MJ storage50000 MJ

The Purifier is a third-tier machine added by Extra Bees. It is used to purify serums from bees that contain changeable attributes.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Uses[edit | edit source]

Fill the Purifier with liquid DNA, then add the serum into the right-side slot. The quality of the serum will rise by repeatedly using the Purifier. Only remove the serum when the Purifier has stopped working completely; otherwise, the quality will be less than perfect, which may result in possible bad attributes when used in the Inoculator.

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