Quantum Solar Panel

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Quantum Solar Panel

ModAdvanced Solars
TypeSolid block
Previous tier
EU storage10,000,000 EU
Max EU output8192 EU/t
EU productionDay: 4096 EU/t
Night: 2048 EU/t

The Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panel is a block from Advanced Solars that creates EU, IndustrialCraft 2's energy, using solar power. It is the highest tier of solar panel, creating 4096 EU/t during clear days, and 2048 EU/t at nights and stormy days. They output at high voltage (8192 EU/t). It has an internal energy storage of 10,000,000 EU, and four charge slots in the GUI.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Use the Quantum Solar Panel either by placing it directly next to an MFSU (or better), or using cables between the two blocks.