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Quicksilver (Thaumcraft 3)

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This page is about the Quicksilver from Thaumcraft 3. For other uses, see Quicksilver.

ModThaumcraft 3
Thaumcraft 3 Information
The strange, glowing flowers only grow in the shadow of Silverwood Trees. Instead of nectar, these flowers produce quicksilver.


Quicksilver is a resource added by Thaumcraft 3. It can be smelted from Cinnabar Ore, or dropped from breaking a Shimmerleaf.

Breaking Shimmerleaf will yield 1 Quicksilver, but shearing it will yield the Shimmerleaf itself.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Quicksilver can be used in Thaumcraft 3 in several recipes, and it's a good source of Visum and Venenum - which are rare aspects.

With GregTech 4, Quicksilver can be crafted into Mercury Cells, in an Automatic Canning Machine.

It can also be used to fuel the Magic Energy Converter - 1 Quicksilver yields 8,000 EU.