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QuiverBow is a mod that introduces a lot of new ranged weapons. The mod brings in the eponymous bows with quivers, crossbows, guns, and even an arms assistant to store them all away.

Current developersDomochevsky
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10


QuiverBow adds in a lot of new weapons, including a Lightning gun, a Redstone flamethrower, and a Gold Nugget shotgun. Each of these weapons is useful, but not overpowered. The weapons are shown here:

  • Bow with Quiver (can hold 256 arrows in itself, does not break)
  • Compact Crossbow (powerful shot, reloads when crafted with 1 arrow)
  • Double Crossbow (can hold 2 arrows at once)
  • Blaze Crossbow (sets monsters on fire)
  • Semi-Automatic Crossbow (weaker, but can hold 8 arrows)
  • Automatic Crossbow (can shoot faster and hold 16 arrows)
  • Arrow Mortar (shoots 8 arrows at a time}
  • Dragonbox (shoots a small rocket, lights enemies on fire)
  • Four Headed Dragonbox (shoots 4 rockets at a time)
  • Dragon Mortar (shoots 8 rockets at a time)
  • Powder Knuckle (causes an explosion upon punch)
  • Modified Powder Knuckle (does less damage, has a Silk Touch effect)
  • Ender Bow (has an ender-eye aiming system)
  • Ender Rifle (projectile gains damage with distance)
  • Frost Lancer (stronger than Ender Rifle)
  • Coin Tosser (shoots a spread of gold nuggets)
  • Modified Coin Tosser (shoots concentrated gold nuggets)
  • Rocket Launcher (Shoots a TNT rocket that explodes after 1 second)
  • Improved Rocket Launcher (Shoots pre-made rockets, no self-damage)
  • Lapis Coil (Inflicts hunger and nausea on targets, can break glass)
  • Obsidian Spear Rifle (Does big damage and inflicts Wither on target)
  • Obsidian Wither Rifle (Does enormous damage and inflicts stronger Wither on target)
  • Obsidian Splinter Pistol (does medium damage and shoots quickly)
  • Redstone Sprayer (inflicts Wither 3 and Blindness, does no direct damage)
  • Nether Bellows (short range, low damage, high fire rate, sets targets on fire)
  • Snow Cannon (shoots snow, inflicts slowness)
  • Potatosser (shoots potatoes and charcoal)
  • Seedling (weak but cheap to make, breaks after 18 uses)
  • Thorn Spitter (good all-around weapon, shoots cacti)
  • Proximity Thorn Spitter (shoots thorn traps that detonate if someone comes near)
  • Seed Sweeper (shoots seeds, carries a lot of ammunition, little damage)
  • Sugar Engine (shoots sugar cane and sticks uber fast, slow movement when deployed)
  • Fen Fire (shoots glowstone to light up caves from far away)
  • Aqua Accelerator (shoots water buckets to put out fires and create paths)
  • Silken Spinner (shoots cobwebs to immobilize enemies)
  • Soul Cairn (requires diamonds for ammo, instant kills mobs and creates spawn eggs)
  • Hidden Ender Pistol (shoots ender pearls, anonymous)
  • Lightning Red (shoots lightning bolts, astronomical redstone consumption)
  • Sunray (beam weapon with infinite ammunition)
  • Ray of Hope (shoots Potions of Regeneration, heals target)
  • Ender Rail Accelerator (only one shot, incredible damage and explosion)
  • Arms Assistant (entity that carries weapons, shoots monsters, and can be used as a mobile chest)


It takes only 2 shots from the Ender Rail Accelerator to kill the Ender Dragon. The Soul Cairn allows the player to get spawn eggs in survival.

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