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Radio Beacon

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Radio Beacon

TypeTile entity
Tooltip textIncreases Cyberzombie spawns nearby
Blast resistance30

The Radio Beacon is a block added by Cyberware. When placed in the appropriate structure it causes all Zombies that spawn in a 128 blocks radius to have a 20% chance of being turned into a Cyberzombie. Those Cyberzombies also have a 50% chance of being Brutes rather than the standard 5%. The structure is also climbable like a Ladder once assembled.

The Radio Beacon can be disabled with a redstone signal in any of the bottom Radio Tower Component that isn't in a corner. Its effect also does not stack with other Radio Beacons, Cranial Broadcasters or Radio Kits.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The complete structure is 3x11x3 and requires (including the Radio Beacon):


Recipe[edit | edit source]