Ranged Pumps

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Ranged Pumps
Modicon Ranged Pumps.png
Current developersraoulvdberge
Supported Minecraft versions1.15.2
Direwolf20 1.12
FTB Horizons III
FTB Revelation
All the Mods 3
All the Mods
Age of Engineering

Ranged Pumps is a mod created by raoulvdberge. It adds one block, the Pump.

Pump[edit | edit source]


ModRanged Pumps
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance19
Liquid storage32000 mB
RF storage32000 RF

The Pump is a block added by Ranged Pumps. It is used to pump liquid in a 64x64 area below the block, all the way to Bedrock. Any liquid pumped will be stored in its internal tank or ejected to adjacent container. A Stone block is placed where a block is pumped. The pump uses 100 FE per block pumped. Applying a redstone signal will stop the block from pumping. The pump does not load the chunk it is pumping. Right-click the block for its status (where it is pumping and the amount of energy in it).

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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