RedPower Tweaks

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RedPower Tweaks
Past developers???
Supported Minecraft versions1.4.7
Depends onRedPower 2

RedPower Tweaks was a mod designed to fix some one the bugs present in the last build of RedPower 2 (Pre-release 6). The mod author is unknown, as they lost interest in modding without ever releasing version 5, or actually putting their name on their website.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

The mod...

Canvas Bag Item Duplication[edit | edit source]

Removed the ability to use the number keys to move items around while having a Canvas Bag GUI open, therefore removing the bug that allowed items to be duplicated by using the number keys on them in the Canvas Bag.

Autoassign Fix[edit | edit source]

Fixed a bug in RedPower's autoassign ID feature. This tweak was disabled by default.

Screwdriver Fix[edit | edit source]

Fixed the Screwdriver being unable to change the bus IDs of the various RedPower control components.

Creative Mode Drops[edit | edit source]

Suppressed certain item drops in creative mode, to prevent items and blocks dropping when broken in creative mod unintentionally.

IO Expander, Backplane, and RAM Duplication[edit | edit source]

When an IO expander, Backplane, or 8k RAM Module was broken, regardless of being in creative or survival, two items were dropped. The mod fixed this so they only dropped one.

Clear Project Table Crafting Grid[edit | edit source]

Changed the clear button in the Project Table to effectively shift-click the items out, stopping items being deleted accidentally. This tweak was disabled by default.

Logic GUI Crash[edit | edit source]

Fixed a crash when attempting to open the GUI for a timer or state cell while holding a block.

Config File[edit | edit source]

By default, the mod didn't generate a config file, but one could be manually added by making a file called rptweaks.conf in the Minecraft mod config folder and adding information found here.

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