Red Cedar Tree

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Red Cedar Tree
Tree Red Cedar.png
Mod Totemic
Width 7
Height 8-10
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The Red Cedar Tree is a tree added by Totemic. It does not spawn naturally, instead Red Cedar Saplings can be obtained by transforming other saplings using the Rite of Spring ceremony.

Red Cedar Trees grow similarly to vanilla Spruce trees, but are taller and have more leaves covering them. Some leaves on the lower levels will eventually decay on their own if they are too far from the trunk.

Red Cedar Wood can be made into Red Cedar Planks, or stripped into Stripped Red Cedar Wood using a Bark Stripper, which can then be turned into planks more efficiently. It is also used to craft the Wind Chime, the Medicine Bag and the Jingle Dress.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Totempedia entry[edit | edit source]

Main article: Totempedia
The Red Cedar Tree is a tree that naturally has capabilities for Totemic purposes. It can be obtained by infusing mundane saplings with musical energy in the Rite of Spring Ceremony. Red Cedar Wood has the same properties and crafting applications as standard wood. In addition, a Bark Stripper is able to remove its bark to make more efficient uses of its resources.

Finally, it can be used to craft certain instruments like the Wind Chimes or Jingle Dress.