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Redstone Clock (Expanded Redstone)

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This page is about the Redstone Clock added by Expanded Redstone. For other uses, see Redstone Clock.
Redstone Clock

ModExpanded Redstone
TypeSolid block

The Redstone Clock is a block added by Expanded Redstone. It sends a redstone signal at specified intervals. It allows for specifying how long the clock is on and off. The time it spends outputting a signal can be changed by right-clicking the block while sneaking, while the time it spends off can be changed by right-clicking the block while not sneaking. Powering the clock with a Redstone Repeater will pause its timer. On and off time are set independently from one another and can individually be any of the following times. They both default to 1 second (20 ticks).

  • 0.1 second (2 ticks)
  • 0.25 seconds (5 ticks)
  • 1 second (20 ticks)
  • 2.5 seconds (50 ticks)
  • 5 seconds (100 ticks)
  • 10 seconds (200 ticks)
  • 15 seconds (300 ticks)
  • 30 seconds (600 ticks)
  • 1 minute (1,200 ticks)
  • 5 minutes (6,000 ticks)
  • 10 minutes (12,000 ticks)
  • 15 minutes (18,000 ticks)
  • 30 minutes (36,000 ticks)
  • 1 hour (72,000 ticks)
  • 6 hours (432,000 ticks)

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