Redstone I/O

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Redstone I/O

TypeSolid block

The Redstone I/O Block is a block added by FirePeripherals. It allows the computers of ComputerCraft to interact with the Redstone of vanilla Minecraft as well as Red Alloy Wire and Insulated Wire of Project Red that is not directly next to the computer. (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Redstone I/O Block with the Chemical Decomposer into various compounds of MineChem.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Transmittion of signals from the Restone I/O Block via vanilla Redstone (left), Red Alloy Wires (middle) and Insulated Wires (right).

The Redstone I/O Block has only one side, on which the Redstone, Red Alloy Wire and Insulated Wire can be connected. On one of the other sides must be placed a Computer or Advanced Computer of ComputerCraft. At first the Redstone I/O Block must be wrapped to the computer with following command [1]:

redio = peripheral.wrap("side")

The variable "redio" is the address of the block for the following commands and can be chosen arbitrarily. For the parameter side the values "left", "right", "bottom", "top", "front" and "back" can be entered depending on which side of the computer the Redstone I/O block is.

If now redstone or a cable is connected to the Redstone I/O Block, the player can interact with following different commands with the cable. Please note that the vanilla redstone has a strength between 0 and 15, unlike the wires and cables of Project Red with a strength between 0 and 255.

  • The following command enables the Redstone I/O Block and transmitts a redstone signal in all connected redstone lines and cables [1]:
  • The following command disables the Redstone I/O Block and no redstone signal is transmitted in the connected redstone lines and cables [1]:
  • The following command enables a redstone transmittion with a strength of 50, which means that the signal is transmitted only 50 blocks away in the cables of Project Red [1]:

With a 0 the block disables the redstone transmission [1]:

  • The following command searches for incoming redstone signals and return true or false if there is an incoming signal or not [1]:

In the brackets the player can specify the search for a specific strength (number) of an incoming signal. For example a signal with a strength of 100 is searched an returns true if a signal with this strength enters the Restone I/O Block [1]:


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