Redstone Inlay (Ars Magica 2)

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This page is about the Redstone Inlay added by Ars Magica 2. For other uses, see Redstone Inlay.
Redstone Inlay

ModArs Magica 2
TypeSolid block
Ars Magica 2 Information
Redstone inlays are the most basic of inlay. They are used to summon bosses, and can also be used as rails. They will speed up minecart as it passes over them. Be wary when cornering too fast, as the cart can leave the tracks entirely

Redstone Inlay is a non-solid block from Ars Magica 2 that share the similar properties as an Powered Rail.

It is used in the summoning of the Water Guardian.

Properties[edit | edit source]

A full Redstone Inlay track vs a Redstone Inlay track with normal Rails as corners. The Inlay can also interact with other types of rails
Redstone Inlays vs Powered Rails in an uphill climb

An track of Redstone Inlay will act as a redstoned-actived Powered Rail with a few exceptions.

  • Unlike the Powered Rail, Redstone Inlay are able to curve
  • If the track happens to be in a loop then the Minecart, after it gathers enough speed, will derail when it hits a curve. Using a normal Rail at the curve will prevent the derail.
  • Redstone Inlay cannot connect upward nor downward.

No tools is required to receive the Inlays, using a pickaxe will not increase the speed which it is broken, but Water or other liquids along with destroying the block below it will instantly cause it to be converted into an item.

Recipe[edit | edit source]