Redstone Signaller

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Redstone Signaller

ModPractical Logistics 2
TypeSolid block
Technical details
Registry namepracticallogistics2:redstonesignaller

The Redstone Signaller is a block added by Practical Logistics 2. It is used to monitor information from the network it is connected to and emits Redstone signals based on statements that can be defined and configured by the player. If a set statement becomes valid, the Redstone Signaller will light up like a Torch and emit a strong Redstone signal.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Statements[edit | edit source]

To create a new statement, click on the "New Statement" button. This will open up a new, more complex GUI. It is divided up into two sections: Info 1 and Info 2. In the Info 1 section, select the object to compare from the information source in the network. In the Info 2 section, to submit a string, boolean, number, or another information source from the network to compare with.