Redstone Tunnel

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Redstone Tunnel
Redstone Tunnel.png

ModCompact Machines
Tooltip textUsed to transfer redstone signals between wall blocks and outside Compact Machine faces.

The Redstone Tunnel is a device added by Compact Machines. It is used on the inside of a Compact Machine that transfers redstone signals between an outside block connected to the Compact Machine and a block that is placed adjacent to the Compact Machine Wall onto which it has been placed. When installed on a wall, the Redstone Tunnel will show as a variation with a square corresponding to the outside face it is connected to being highlighted a different color. On one corner of the block a small toggle switch may be right clicked to change the Redstone Tunnel's mode between receiving signals from the outside face (red) and sending signals to the outside face (green). Right clicking elsewhere on the block will cycle between the faces to which it may attach, or will disconnect and return it to you if the end of the options is reached.

The Miniaturization Field Projectors must be set up with a minimum build area of size 3 to complete the crafting.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

"Compact Machines"

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