Mammutbaumsetzling (Natura)

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This page is a translated version of the page Redwood Sapling (Natura) and the translation is 57% complete.
Auf diese Seite geht es um the Redwood Sapling from Natura. Für andere Verwendungsmöglichkeiten, siehe Redwood Sapling.

Text der KurzinfoPflanze diese in einem 7x7
Benötigt Tage zum wachsen

The Redwood Sapling is a tree sapling from the Natura mod. The Redwood Sapling grows into the Redwood Tree, a gigantic tree made of Redwood Bark on the outside, and Redwood on the inside. Below it is the Redwood Root. They grow about 100 blocks high, and have a large mess of Redwood Leaves and Redwood blocks, making up branches. Redwood Trees are commonly hollowed out and used to live inside of. To grow a Redwood Tree, one must have at least 49 Redwood Saplings. They must be planted in a 7x7 shape, and will take a very long time to grow. Redwood trees can be found naturally spawned in Plains biomes.

It is very dangerous in terms of client/server performance to cut an entire Redwood tree down in a single felling.



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