Reflective Mirror

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Reflective Mirror

TypeSolid block

Reflective Mirrors are a way of generating Steam in Factorization by reflecting sunlight to heat a Water Boiler.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Reflective Mirrors must have a direct line-of-sight to both the sky and to the Water Boiler they are going to heat. There cannot be any blocks obstructing either line-of-sight, including transparent blocks such as Glass. They do not function at night. Additionally, Reflective Mirrors have a limited range of 7 meters. This range is calculated as a linear distance, not a block count, meaning that optimal placement of Reflective Mirrors is a circle, not a square.

The steam generation rate of a Water Boiler is dependent upon the number of Reflective Mirrors aimed at it. Importantly, four mirrors minimum are required for Steam to be generated; three or fewer will not.