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This page is about Thaumcraft 5 Research. For other uses, see Research.
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Research is a mechanic added by Thaumcraft 5. In Thaumcraft 5, most of the blocks and items must be researched in order to be created.

Primary Research[edit | edit source]

Combining Aspects[edit | edit source]

Secondary Research[edit | edit source]

Exploration[edit | edit source]

List of clues[edit | edit source]

Scanning Reveals
Snow Golem, Iron Golem Basic Golemancy
Bow + Bone Bone Bow
Zombie Brains Brain in a Jar, Clockwork Minds
Dispenser Automated Crossbow
Arrow Primal Arrows
Bat Wand Focus: Nine Hells
Nether Portal, End Portal, Ender Pearl, Endermen, Eldritch Portal Mirror Magic
Taint Shard (Item or in world) Taint Shard
Nodes Adds pages to Auras and Nodes
Ancient Stone + Eldritch Stone + Glyphed Stone + Eldritch Mob + Eldritch Boss Revelations in the Outer Lands
Primordial Pearl Primordial Pearl, Void Metal Essentia Smeltery
Any piece of Thaumium Armor Thaumium Fortress Armor

Eldritch Mobs are: Most mobs in the Outerlands.

Eldritch Bosses are: Crimson Praetor, Eldritch Construct, Eldritch Warden.

Thaumonomicon entry[edit | edit source]

Before you can build most thaumaturgical items and blocks, you first need to discover how to do so. This can be done in two ways:
  1. Using the aspects you know and discovering practical knowledge and recipes with the Research Table.
  2. Exploring the world and examining blocks, items and creatures with a Thaumometer in order to gain clues to further research
Before you can do either of these you will have to craft a Thaumometer and a research table.

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