Reservoir (Ender IO)

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This page is about the Reservoir from Ender IO. For other uses, see Reservoir.

ModEnder IO
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textFormed when placed 2x2x1
Add two buckets of water for an infinite water source
Produces one bucket per second
R-Click with a wrench to enable auto-output

The Reservoir is a multiblock added by Ender IO. Making a 2x2 square of Reservoir blocks and then right-clicking it with two Water Buckets to fill it will form the multiblock. The Reservoir then can be used as a source of infinite Water generation; any Water taken away from it will be replaced automatically.

EIO Reservoir.png

Water can be pumped out from any block. Additionally, right-clicking a Reservoir with a liquid-storing item (most notably a Bucket) will fill that liquid-storing item.

Right-clicking the Reservoir with a Yeta Wrench will allow it to automatically eject Water to any nearby acceptors. This can right-clicked once more to turn that functionality off.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Age of Engineering[edit | edit source]

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