Resin/Sap Bag

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Resin/Sap Bag

ModGregTech 6

The Resin/Sap Bag is a block added by GregTech 6, used to automatically collect Rubber Resin from Rubber Trees, Maple Sap from Maple Trees and Rainbow Sap from Rainbowood Trees.

The Bag must be placed against the single Resin or Sap Hole present on the tree. Rubber Trees are generated with a single Resin Hole exposed on the trunk below the leaves, while Maple and Rainbowood Trees must have a Sap Hole created using the Hand Drill. It can hold up to a full stack of 64 Resin, or up to 8000L of Maple or Rainbow Sap. Right-click the Bag to extract the solid Resin, or right-click it with any fluid container to extract the Sap.

Recipe[edit | edit source]