Rhinoceros Beetle

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Rhinoceros Beetle

ModThe Erebus
TypeHostile monster
Health points60 (Heart.svg × 30) (Wild or Bred)
80 (Mob Heart.svg × 40) (Tamed)

The Rhinoceros Beetle is a hostile mob added by The Erebus. It is only found in the Ulterior Outback. It has 60 (Heart.svg × 30) health points and can knock the player up into the air and backwards if the player approaches it, as well as inflicting the Slowness effect on them.

When killed, it drops 1-3 Exoskeleton Plates.

Taming[edit | edit source]

It can be tamed using a Beetle Taming Amulet, though it is hard to do in practice because it knocks the player back when they get too close. It is recommended that the player is at a high enough vantage point so they are out of the Beetle's attack range and still within the Amulet's functional range.

When successfully tamed, the Beetle's maximum health increases to 80 (Mob Heart.svg × 40) health points. It can be healed by being fed Bamboo Shoots.

When the player tames the Beetle, they can add a Beetle Riding Kit onto the Beetle by right-clicking on it while holding the Kit. The Riding Kit is a Saddle that allows the player to mount and control the Beetle: To mount the Beetle, right-click on the mob; to dismount, sneak off of it ("Shift" key by default).

When ridden, the beetle can climb 1-block high steps and climb like a Spider up steps higher than 1 block.

Holding down the "R" key while riding the Beetle charges up the Ram Bar, which is shown as the green bar above the experience bar. Holding this while ramming into mobs will knock them back, inflicing fall damage and the Slowness status effect on them. The power of the ram is directly proportional to how much the Ram Bar is filled up. This can also be done in rapid succession.

Mobs can only be knocked back and inflicted with Slowness if they are fairly large; mobs such as Beetle Larvae are not affected, though there are some exceptions to this rule. Most mobs rammed into will retaliate and potentially kill the player's beetle.

Breeding[edit | edit source]

Rhinoceros Beetles can be bred using Turnips and will also follow a player holding turnips. The Beetle Larva produced have horns on their heads, and grow into a Rhinoceros Beetle. It will already be tamed but will only have 60 (Mob Heart.svg × 30) health points.

File:Rhinoceros Beetle.png
The Rhinoceros Beetle