Rite of Manifestation

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Rite of Manifestation

The Rite of Manifestation is a ritual from the Witchery mod. The Rite of Manifestation allows players to go through a Spirit Portal for a limited duration of time. Spirit Portals can be created in the Spirit World, to serve as a gateway to the overworld. If this rite has been activated, the player can go through the Spirit Portal, and will stay in the Overworld for 2.5 minutes. Though, this duration can be increased by 25 seconds for each Coven Witch in their coven.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

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Rite of Manifestation

Manifest as a ghost from the Spirit World.

> Spectral Dust
> Mellifluous Hunger
> Necromantic Stone
> Golden Pickaxe
> Arthana
> Gunpowder

Altar power 5000