Rite of Prior Incarnation

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Rite of Prior Incarnation

The Rite of Prior Incarnation is a ritual added by Witchery mod. This ritual is used to restore despawned items from a player's last death. This rite summons an incarnation of the player at the spot that they last died. It must be performed within 16 blocks of where they died, and the player must be standing in the circle when it is performed.

This ritual can be enabled/disabled in the Witchery configuration file. It is automatically disabled if there is a known Death Chest style mod, like OpenBlocks.


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Rite of Prior Incarnation

Summon a prior incarnation of a player (and their items) near to where they died.

> Necromantic Stone
> Tongue of Dog
> Bone
> Spectral Dust
> Attuned Stone (Charged)

Altar power 0