Rock Crystal

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Rock Crystal

ModAstral Sorcery

The Rock Crystal is an item added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to craft Crystal tools and collect Liquid Starlight in Lightwells. It can be acquired by mining Rock Crystal Ore. Each Crystal has three stats:

  • Size: The relative size of the Crystal. The Crystal can be destroyed if it reaches 0 when sharpening it on a Grindstone.
  • Purity: The purity of the Crystal. A higher purity increases the amount of Size increased when dropped into Liquid Starlight.
  • Cutting: The sharpness of the Crystal. It is the "durability" of the Crystal which can be increased by sharpening it on a Grindstone.

Astral Tome entry[edit | edit source]

Rock Crystal Ore: In the deepest reaches of the world, the intense heat and pressure form incredibly rare and fragile crystals. These crystals each have their own unique properties, and they seem to take in starlight with unusual ease. Due to the fragility of rock crystals mechanical hands are not careful enough when handling these ores.
Astral Tome